We’ve heard it an innumerable amount of times by now — an upgraded Galaxy S5 is coming. Whether it may be the Galaxy F, the Galaxy S5 Prime, or the Galaxy S5 LTE-A is still up in the air, but it’s certainly looking like the third one will be made public shortly. New reports from multiple South Korea-based outlets suggest that Samsung is preparing the device for launch.

The Korea Times states that South Korea’s major carriers are preparing to roll out an updated LTE-A network supporting theoretical downlink speeds of up to 225 Mbps, as opposed to last year’s 150 Mbps. Samsung will allegedly launch a smartphone to support the new networks, as it did with the Galaxy S4 LTE-A of yesteryear.

The phone will have to have a chip other than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 currently toted by the Galaxy S5, as that SoC caps out at 150 Mbps. It’s possible that Qualcomm’s highly-anticipated Snapdragon 805 could be employed instead, or Samsung could have a home-grown Exynos solution to show off to the masses.

The same report suggests the S5 LTE-A will feature a UHD (ultra high-definition 4K) display, but that’s more than likely incorrect — we’re just now seeing the first QHD (quad high-definition 2K) displays trickle out, so it’s not likely Samsung’s already leapfrogged the competition.

Yonhap News also weighs in on the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, stating that the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 805 (lending credence to our speculation from earlier in this piece), and launching on SK Telecom on July 19. This report claims that the LTE-A will be the same as the regular S5 in all other aspects.

From what we’re hearing here, it seems quite plausible that the Galaxy S5 LTE-A and Galaxy S5 Prime / Galaxy F are two entirely different entities. We have a while to go until this supposed June 19 launch date, though, so it’s more than likely even more leaks will be published before then.

Sources: The Korea Times, Yonhap News
Via: SamMobile

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