If Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has one weak spot, could it be the smartphone’s camera? We don’t mean its performance when everything is working right, either – while it’s not the best camera around, especially when we’re dealing with low-light conditions, it’s by-and-large passable – we mean that it seems to be a magnet for unexpected problems. While we were waiting for the phone’s retail debut, two separate rumors suggested Samsung’s manufacturing partners were having a lot of trouble just building the component, and now that the phone has arrived, we’re picking up reports of seemingly uncorrectable camera failures.

Over on the XDA-Developer forums, a number of new GS5 users are recounting their experiences with a “Warning: Camera Failed” error message when trying to pull up the phone’s camera. Everything from installing third party camera apps to doing full device factory resets have been suggested as solutions, and so far nothing’s working – the only way out has been to exchange the phone for a new one.

Oddly, we’re only hearing about this problem with the Verizon edition of the GS5, making us wonder if some of the carrier’s software fiddling might be to blame. Maybe it’s a combination of software and hardware issues, explaining why not everyone’s running up against the same brick wall. Whatever the cause, it could prove to be a big mess, and anecdotal reports suggest that retail locations are getting multiple returns a day.

Source: XDA-Developers forum
Via: BGR

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