Forget fan renders. Forget low-quality blurrycam shots. Last night the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active went from being the stuff of rumors and speculation to being the next best thing to officially confirmed, as a fantastic hands-on interaction with the ruggedized smartphone was published. Things quickly progressed from a few powered-down still shots to videos of the phone in action, and we brought you the first few updates as they arrived. Well, by now a bunch more have surfaced, and we’ve compiled them together here for you to check out.

We start with an extended hands-on, looking not just at GS5 Active hardware but the software you’ll find on the phone, as well. That interaction is split into the first two video you’ll see here, followed by one speculating about the presence of optical image stabilization.

This one we’re not 100% convinced on, and we’d like to have something a little more solid than “the phone rattles when you shake it” to go by before calling OIS confirmed. For now, at least, we’re keeping an open mind.

Finally we get to see some more GS5 Active software, this time looking at the phone’s Activity Zone app and the configurable soft button “Active key” that can customized to quick-launch apps of your choosing.


Update: And one more, a lengthier GS5/GS5 Active comparison:

Source: TK Tech News (YouTube)

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