samsung galaxy s21 ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image only for representation)

We heard lots of rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Series of devices, and we’re keep getting closer to the day they’re are finally announced sometime early next year. An Olympus-branded camera – with massive upgrades to the quality and features – was rumored for months, but that might not happen to the Galaxy S22 Series after all.

It appears that the rumored collaboration between Samsung and the company might not go through, which means that the Galaxy S22 Series could miss out on the big brand deal, which could’ve resulted in better photo and videography capabilities on the next generation of devices (via SamMobile)

We first heard the news about the Olympus deal in April and July, when the Galaxy S22 series was rumored to have a massive 200MP Olympus camera sensor. Olympus is a Japanese manufacturer that produces high-quality cameras and optical technology. If the deal would’ve gone through, it would’ve meant that the company could’ve had direct input at things such as color tuning and image processing. 

Some disagree, but it would’ve been a special partnership between two big companies. OnePlus teamed up with Hasselblad earlier, and Huawei collaborated with Leice for years, resulting in much higher photo quality, one that put the company on the map. As we know, sometimes it’s nothing more than just a marketing strategy to get people excited about another brand having direct input in a particular device or device series. We don’t have information on how much input the company would’ve had in the actual camera and its sensors, but we might never find out.

The Olympus rumor was initially linked to the Galaxy S22 series, after which it was more closely associated with the higher-end Galaxy S22 Ultra lineup due to its higher megapixel sensor. The latest rumors claim the S22 Ultra will pack a 108MP sensor. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out; the new Galaxy S22 series is expected to be announced sometime in January 2022.

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