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Galaxy S20 Ultra users now report broken rear camera glass problem

By Nadeem Sarwar April 28, 2020, 5:11 pm

Samsung’s $1,500 Galaxy S20 Ultra simply can’t catch a breath from issues. After the well-publicised camera and green tint woes, users are now reporting that the glass over the rear camera is breaking mysteriously without any fall or mechanical damage.

We have come across multiple posts on the official Samsung community forum in which users have mentioned about shattered or punctured glass over the rear cameras. Many of the affected Galaxy S20 Ultra users claim that the phone never had any accidental fall or tumble, and was well protected with a case.

There is no word from Samsung about what is causing this, but users suggest a design imperfection is the main culprit here. Interestingly, none of the posts had a reply from an official Samsung community forum manager or product expert who could explain why this is happening.

url: public://2020/04/broken1.jpg

Source: Samsung Community Forum

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