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It’s not the first time that we receive rumors of Samsung’s next flagship series. The Galaxy S11 would be no more, and like Huawei, Samsung would jump from the S10 to S20, because 2020 is upon us. Now, new information could make the rumor of this Samsung Galaxy S20 even more believable.

We believed that we were going to see the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S11, S11+ and S11e in a couple of months, but we may get something completely different. A new naming scheme may come to change the way we know Samsung Galaxy devices. First, Samsung would drop the ‘e’ line and start directly from the Samsung Galaxy S20, the least expensive variant. Next, the Galaxy S20+ would take the place of the regular variant, and the best version would become the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This information comes from a tweet made by the founder of case manufacturer Schnail, Harmless Karl. He also includes the possible display sizes for these devices, but we still have to wait for official confirmation or more leaks that may strengthen this rumor.

Source SamMobile

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