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Galaxy S10 screen sizes hinted, flat display makes a return

By Anton D. Nagy November 20, 2018, 3:00 am
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

There’s an elaborate report in Korean at the source link below that talks about the screen of the upcoming Galaxy S10. 99 percent of the report deals with chemical suppliers for organic materials that Samsung is shuffling for the upcoming Galaxy S10 screen. It is believed that said Galaxy S10 screen will be named, or codenamed, M9, but the report brings two important bits of information.

Not only does it seem to confirm the fact that there will be three Galaxy S10 models, but it also hints at the screen sizes. There will be two 5.8-inch models, and a 6.2-inch highest-specced version. This is congruent with previous rumors of a base model, an entry level model below that, and the highest-end above both.

The interesting bit is that the report claims Samsung will use a flat screen on the entry-level 5.8-inch version. The base 5.8-inch model, as well as the top-of-the-line 6.2-inch variant will use edge/curved displays.

One other thing the report mentions is that Samsung displays used in Samsung phones are all “M” displays. Those codenamed LT are used in Apple phones. With the M9, Samsung will aim to improve the OLED panel, which will explain the differences both between this and previous M models, as well as the LT2 used in Apple’s iPhones.

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