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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S10 Infinity O display?

By Anton D. Nagy November 20, 2018, 7:00 am

The images you see above and below are claimed to depict a Samsung Infinity O display assembly. Whether this leak is legit or not is unknown. But if it is, this is what the Galaxy S10 might look like.

Let’s just recap for a second. When Samsung showed off the foldable smartphone prototype, it also introduced the concepts for its upcoming notch screens. Some of them are true notches, V and U shaped, there’s one without a notch, and there’s the Infinity O, which basically has a hole, as you can see below.

A more recent rumor suggested that the Galaxy S10 might have a display with a punch hole in it. There are even some drawings filed as design patents that seem to back this theory up.


While the accuracy of the leak can’t be verified, and even if the leak is legit, components like this can be easily obtained, it still raises the question of whether this could be the Galaxy S10 Infinity O display. We do know from earlier today that there will be one Galaxy S10, a 5.8-incher, that will have a flat screen. The one below seems to be flat enough, so, for now, we’ll just leave it at that.

Galaxy S10 Infinity O display


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