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Video of working Galaxy S10+ reveals fingerprint scanner limitations

By Anton D. Nagy February 14, 2019, 8:00 am

We can add this one to the list of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ leaks, as both models will feature the same specs when it comes to screen and in-display fingerprint scanner. What we have here is a video of an accessory maker promoting its screen protector for the Galaxy S10+. It is applied to the phone, and it apparently reveals more about the phone than it does about the screen protector itself.

The in-display fingerprint scanner on the S10 and S10+ models will have two limitations. As you watch the video, don’t focus on the phone, which isn’t operated at all, aside from lighting up the screen a couple of times. Instead, focus in the screen protector applied, and notice the circular cutout. That is where the biometric sensor is located.

The two limitations that result from this are as follows: 1. the dimension/radius of the active fingerprint recognition area is relatively small. 2. the screen protector is being cut out because most probably, as previous rumors implied, the in-display fingerprint scanner is rendered nonoperational by applying any layer of protection on top of it.

Maybe, in the future, we will see case makers figure the second limitation out. We’re pretty sure future ID fingerprint scanners will have much larger active areas, as there are already prototypes that work to recognize fingerprints on almost a third of the screen.


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