Galaxy S10 drop test shows Goldilocks was “just right”

You drop your phone. There is an infinite amount of fates that could take hold. There is no such thing as a “control” when it comes to experimenting with this sort of stuff, but hey, if it’s caught on video, it should be interesting to watch at the very least.

That’s what device trade-in and insurance company SquareTrade has done with its DropBot, taking the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ for a six-feet ride down to a concrete sidewalk with its neat ‘ol “DropBot.” Units were dropped twice: once on the front surface, another time on the rear.

The video is below, but scroll further for the takeaway.

When it comes to the S10e and S10+, both showed signs of glass chipping from both surfaces, leaving a cut hazard for users. There was also an impairment to the functionality of the S10e display, rear camera and LED flash unit. But the Galaxy S10 came away with hairline cracks and bursts, but no major chippage or damage to underlying components.

We cannot stress enough that users’ mileage may vary, but when it comes to protecting any device, perhaps they should get a case. Or they could get insurance from SquareTrade — the company’s owned by Allstate —to help it recoup the costs of making the video.

Disclosure: Pocketnow‘s parent company also owns electronics trade-in site Swappa.


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