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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will be the next major smartphone to be announced. We’re still three-to-four months away until that happens, but, as usual, the rumor mill is already in motion. We’ve already heard chatter about screen sizes, we had a glimpse at what might be its Infinity O display, and, most recently, heard about its possible six-camera setup and 5G support.

At the company’s Developer Conference earlier this month, Samsung subtly hinted that there might be new color options for the Galaxy S10. Reports later surfaced about the possibility of Samsung adopting gradient colors, like the ones introduced by Huawei with the P20 and P20 Pro.

A recent report corroborates all of that, and claims with certainty, that there will be four Galaxy S10 colors. They are Black, White, Yellow and Green, with the possibility of some of them being gradients. However, this doesn’t mean that all colors will be available in all markets and regions. Some might be missing, while others might be exclusive. Samsung has always been historically adding new colors to the line-up a couple of months down the road from the launch, but for now, we’ll have to go with this report, however, not without the usual dose of skepticism.

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