Galaxy S10 RAM

There’s a lot of controversy around the Galaxy S10 RAM memory amount. Same goes for the Galaxy S10+. Even Pocketnow has been reporting about a 6GB version of the Galaxy S10, and some people who pre-ordered the phone were shocked to see the description stating 6GB instead of 8GB. The source of the problem appears to be the description on Samsung’s own website, showing different RAM amounts for different models. Which, by itself, is not a problem, as there is also a 12GB version. The problem is with the 6GB variant.

Android Police reached out to Samsung for clarification and the company stated that there is no Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ model with 6GB of RAM.

All Galaxy S10 and S10+ phones have at least 8GB of RAM

The above is valid to all S10 and S10+ models, regardless of carrier variants or unlocked models.

Adding to the controversy however is the picture above, posted on reddit, as well as several other reports, claiming (proof in the picture above) that some models are displaying 6GB of RAM for the device. Question is: how can an 8GB phone report only 6GB of RAM? It could be pre-production models or a software glitch, but Samsung was clear in its statement above, and we hope to get an official reaction on this. You know, so that you actually rest assured your phone will arrive with 8GB of memory.

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