Samsung’s Galaxy S IV, follow-up to the wildly successful Galaxy S III, certainly seems like an inevitability, and over the past few months we’ve been fielding quite a few rumors speculating upon just how the smartphone might arrive. So far, those rumors have looked to Samsung not bringing the GS4 to any of the big early-year expos, and instead introducing the handset at its own launch event, similar to how the GS3 made its debut. We’ve also heard a bit about Samsung’s work on 1080p screen tech and future Exynos SoCs, both of which could find a home in the Galaxy S IV. Today we get what might be our first look at in-development GS4 hardware, in the form of some new benchmark results.

These NenaMark results are for a Samsung model GT-I9400; the GS3 was the 9300 and the GS2 the 9100. That model number alone is enough to have us thinking this is the Galaxy S IV, even if the available specs don’t quite measure-up to the phone’s reputation. For instance, these figures mention a 1.2GHz processor with a Mali-400 GPU. That’s what we’d expect for something running an Exynos 4 Dual, like the old Galaxy S II. There’s also mention of a WVGA resolution, far below what we’d expect to see from the GS4.

So, what gives? Benchmarks for Samsung devices have popped-up in the past, long in advance of a handset’s eventual release, sporting wildly different hardware from how they finally arrive. It’s not inconceivable that something similar is going on here, especially if Samsung is hoping to use an Exynos 5 Quad chip that isn’t yet available. We’ll have to keep an eye out for future signs of the GT-I9400 in benchmark results and see if it doesn’t resurface with some hardware more befitting its model number.

Source: NenaMark
Via: SamMobile

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