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Samsung Outs iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III Ad Poster, Guess Who Wins? Update: Apple Fans Respond

By Anton D. Nagy September 16, 2012, 2:22 am

We all remember Samsung's "The Next Big Thing Is Here" ads where they pushed the Galaxy S II, its US variants to be more specific, stacking the phone up in commercials against Apple's iPhone. Well, the South Korean manufacturer was quick to react again outing the poster above where they compare the Galaxy S III against the iPhone 5. There is no doubt that Samsung is trying to pose as the Apple-alternative (anti-Apple) company, pretty much the same way Apple did it back in the Apple vs. Microsoft PC days.

You'll see that the S III has a lot of features which are not present on the iPhone 5. If this was an Android-only website we'd probably laugh at the iPhone and point out the "extremely useful" add-on features on the Samsung phone; on the other hand, if this was a dedicated Apple site we'd probably say that nobody uses "gimmicky features" like Smart Stay, ShareShot or the buddy feature.


Since this is Pocketnow we'll leave it at that and let each and every one of you decide what suits your needs best. At the end of the day it's this freedom of choice — to spend a truckload of money on a certain device or the other one — which makes out technology world wonderful! However, to be on the fair side of things, we'd be interested to see an Apple ad comparing their own phone with the competition (which is highly unlikely), you know, just to see some Apple bias after this Samsung partiality. Until then, make sure to check out our iPhone 5 Vs The Competition post.

We're also waiting to see sales numbers for the iPhone 5 after a little more than three months of its availability, towards the end of the year. The Galaxy S III reached 20 million between the end of May and beginning of September.

Update: While we're sure Apple will not respond officially with a similar comparison, fans of the fruit brand have put together a similarly biased version, neglecting Galaxy S III features the same way Samsung neglected some of the iPhone's strengths. Now it all becomes a bit more balanced.

Source: AllThingsD, Business Insider


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