So far, Samsung’s launch events for Galaxy S smartphones have occurred in March, February, May, and most recently, March again for the Galaxy S 4. While the GS2 pushed things up into winter, we’ve largely come to expect each iteration of Galaxy S Android to debut in the spring. Now a new rumor out of South Korea claims that we won’t be sitting around until March again before we get an official look at the Galaxy S 5, and suggests that Samsung could be planning to introduce the phone as soon as January.

The rumor points to Galaxy S 4 sales that – while clearly having been successful – are already seeing a bit of a slump, and suggests that Samsung may not want to wait any longer than it has to before coming out with a new Galaxy S 5 model to get business up to speed again.

That reasoning’s more than a bit hard to believe, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s just playing into this Samsung-cares-about-money-not-users motif that’s found its way into the controversies surrounding some undesired Galaxy Note 3 functionality.

That said, while we may not buy the idea that Samsung is fretting over insufficient GS4 sales, a January launch on its own isn’t wholly preposterous. Like we mentioned, the GS2 premiered in February, so January isn’t a ridiculous stretch.

Beyond a January announcement, this rumor also claims that the phone would hit retail as early as February.

Source: Naver (Google Translate)
Via: SamMobile

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