As far as rumors are concerned around the Galaxy S 5, they talked about a fingerprint reader — well, they also talked about an iris scanner, for what it’s worth — and then they talked about no fingerprint reader at all. It is difficult to believe one or the other especially when hear-say is early, and it is referring to a company like Samsung, known to include all the features you need, and don’t, in their phones.

@evleaks has posted an image (screenshot) of a file claimed to be from the Galaxy S 5. It is called “FingerprintService.apk”, and you already see where we’re going with this. If the file is indeed from the S 5, which we tend to believe knowing @evleaks’ track record, the S 5 will have some sort of security feature relying on your fingerprint. Whether that will be combined with multiple functionalities, like in the case of the HTC One Max, is yet unknown. Samsung is following the trend set by Apple and it will be interesting to see its implementation.

An interesting thing is that we’re seeing another file hinted, called “3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk” (hence a resolution hint), which could be a revamped Gallery app at a first glance, but a recent report based on analyst input hints towards a 3D gesture controller, in which case we’re also having this semi-confirmed. Samsung already has a lot of gestures in place on the S4 and Note III; adding more functionality to those is definitely something the company can, and probably will include in its latest flagship.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter 1, 2), IBTimes

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