With such high expectations for Samsung’s next flagship, it’s little surprise that rumors surrounding the Galaxy S 5 have been all over the place – plenty of us want to see the very best for this phone, and that means considering a whole lot of options. Even just constraining our interests to the phone’s display, we’ve heard an awful lot of potential directions Samsung could take: 2K or 1080? OLED or LCD? Flat or curved? Today we revisit a few of those specifics while also looking to another: just how large the phone’s screen might be.

Supposedly, Samsung’s currently in production of a 5.25-inch component intended for the Galaxy S 5, a small step up from the five-inch panel in the GS4. This source contends that those 2K rumors were accurate, and the phone will offer a 2560 × 1440 resolution – that would mean a sky-high pixel density of nearly 560ppi, a step removed from the sub-500ppi density we see with a six-inch 2K screen. We also hear that Samsung is sticking with OLED technology, despite rumors suggesting an LCD might be taking the spotlight.

Improvements to efficiency might even make this larger display more battery friendly than the GS4’s.

Both that higher resolution and physically larger screen might be tough sells: 2K is harder to defend at this size, and while Samsung might be able to comfortably pull off 5.25 inches with some super-narrow bezels, plenty of shoppers could be apprehensive about getting into phablet territory like that.

Source: DDaily (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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