Our coverage of Samsung’s work towards the launch of the Galaxy S 5 is seeing an interesting shift occur, as we approach the presumed launch and start moving away from more general or unsubstantiated rumors and towards some reliable, sometimes even officially-sourced leaks. Today that means getting a possible answer about the Android smartphone’s display, as well as finding some help identifying all the various GS5 models that will land around the world.

1080p or quad HD? That’s been the question dominating discussions of the GS5’s screen, and we haven’t had a solid bearing on just which direction the handset might go. Oddly enough, LG might be the company coming through with an answer, as a listing over on its LG U+ site (a wireless network it runs in South Korea) features an entry for an SM-G900L with a 1080p display. Could that just be a placeholder listing? Perhaps, but then again maybe it’s not.

That model number also shows up in our second piece of new GS5 intel, as SamMobile uncovers a pretty heft list of various Galaxy S 5 variants. If accurate, this would represent an interesting shift from years past, with all these numbers largely consistent, differing just in their suffixes. Contrast that with the GS4, where model numbers like GT-I9500, SGH-M919, and SCH-I545 were just all over the place.

  • SM-G9006V_CHN_CHN (China)
  • SM-G9008V_CHN_ZM (China)
  • SM-G9009D_CHN_CTC (China)
  • SM-G900A_NA_ATT (AT&T)
  • SM-G900D_JPN_DCM (Japan)
  • SM-G900F_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
  • SM-G900H_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
  • SM-G900I_SEA_XSA (Asia)
  • SM-G900J_JPN_KDI (Japan)
  • SM-G900K_KOR_KTC (South Korea)
  • SM-G900L_KOR_LGC (South Korea)
  • SM-G900M_LA_VF (Vodafone)
  • SM-G900P_NA_SPR (Sprint)
  • SM-G900R4_NA_USC (US Cellular)
  • SM-G900S_KOR_SKC (South Korea)
  • SM-G900T_NA_TMB (T-Mobile)
  • SM-G900V_NA_VZW (Verizon)
  • SM-G900W8_NA_BMC (BMC)

Source: LG U+, SamMobile
Via: BGR 1,2

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