Galaxy S 4 vs Lumia 920 (Video)

You’ve been asking for it: a head-to-head matchup of the best of Windows Phone with (one of) the best of Android. We had to get the hotter comparisons out of the way first, but here for your viewing enjoyment is the latest piece of Nokia versus Samsung hotness to come out of Pocketnow.

Why the delay? Funny you should ask. We’ve been churning out quad-vs-octa, Samsung-vs-HTC, and Galaxy-vs-Galaxy comparisons first because, at the moment, they’re the more apt head-to-heads. Nokia’s Lumia 920 is a half-year old at this point, and the truth is, putting it up against the newest Samsung powerhouse just seemed cruel and unusual from a certain perspective.

That aside, there are people who legitimately want to know how the top-of-the-heap smartphones from Android and Windows Phone stack up. That’s why we did an HTC One vs Lumia 920 video last month, and that’s why we’re following it up with this one right here. So here’s hoping this comparison, which aims to showcase the best and the worst of each device, helps some of you folks make some buying decisions. And here’s hoping further that the rest of you remain civil in the comments. You know what I mean.

Please Note: Sprint has (very) recently improved its LTE network throughput in the Greater Boston area, so -at least in our testing area, and at least for the moment- the inconsistency with previous reports of Sprint not measuring up to competitors’ speeds is authentic, not an oversight.


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