Galaxy S 4 vs HTC One (Video)

Long before these smartphones ever emerged from their respective drafting rooms, the world knew that the showdown between them would be fierce.

One device is a product of an Android juggernaut, a fourth-generation powerhouse from a take-no-prisoners Goliath that essentially owns the Google-powered smartphone space. The other is a last-ditch effort to save its creator from certain destruction, a product forged from that peculiar mixture of desperation and determination that sometimes begets pure art.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One are smartphones physically, historically, and philosophically distinct, flagship mobile devices pushing the mobile frontier forward . . .  and now it’s time to throw them into the patented Pocketnow comparison chamber to see how they stack up. Watch the video below to see which one comes out on top in your book, then head on down to the comments to duke it out with the folks on the other side of the barricade. Because when it comes to HTC vs. Samsung, fanboys take no prisoners.

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