Itching to get Android 4.4 KitKat on your Galaxy S 4? Unless you have a Google Play edition GS4, you’ve been waiting for a while now. Last fall, a few weeks following the release of KitKat, we got to look at a leaked schedule that appeared to reveal Samsung’s plans for making Android 4.4 updates available to several of its both current and past flagship models, including the Galaxy S 4. According to that info, the update would launch in January, but that clearly hasn’t happened. Despite that setback, we did see some progress last month, with screenshots from a leaked 4.4.2 build surfacing. But what of the actual public release? Well, users are still waiting, but early reports have just started coming in that initial distribution is underway for certain GS4 models in South Korea.

Specifically, we’re talking about one of the new Snapdragon 800-based LTE-A GS4 models, but if KitKat is now hitting that hardware, it can’t be too long before Samsung follows suit with distribution for other variants.

We’d expect to see update availability start spreading internationally in the coming days, but as always owners of carrier editions of the phone should expect a slightly longer wait – another few weeks, easily.

Hopefully, Samsung is still close to its leaked schedule for GS3 and GN2 KitKat updates, previously tipped to be in the works for release in March or April.

Source: @and_jungbo_bot (Twitter)
Via: The Droid Guy

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