The Google Galaxy S 4 will be here in just over a month, but even if the idea of that flexible, hackable GS4 has you salivating at the thought, there are a number of serious limitations that could stand in the way of your being able to enjoy the handset. Beyond the fact that the Google GS4 will (at least at first) be a US-exclusive, it’s also incompatible with CDMA networks like Sprint’s and Verizon’s. What’s a custom ROM lover to do? There’s always a Developer Edition of the GS4, and a couple for AT&T and Verizon just popped-up on Samsung’s site.

Versions for both carriers are still marked as “coming soon,” but there they are, nearly ready to go. You can bet that the prices will be in line with the $650 Google wants for its own edition, but these will ship with all of Samsung’s software intact.

And yes, we realize that recently-revealed bootloader attacks can open the door for flashing a regular-old Verizon GS4, but if you’re interested in keeping things on the up-and-up, it’s nice to see a Samsung-approved avenue getting ready for us just over the horizon.

Source: Samsung 1, 2
Via: Phandroid

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