Galaxy S 2 US Carrier Branding Confirmed?

As we suspected in late March, it appears as if Samsung will be bringing the Galaxy S II stateside under the brand names Attain, Function, and Within. According to an item description posted by etailer Wireless Xcessories Group, AT&T will supposedly get the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Attain, Verizon the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Function, and Sprint the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Within. Notably, T-Mobile is not on this list, suggesting that it will either not get the handset altogether, or carry a modified version — as Sprint does with the QWERTY-equipped Epic 4G.

Also of note here, assuming that this page is accurate, is the fact that the case being advertised is model-specific, suggesting that all three of these variants will look very similar to one another and probably to the international Galaxy S 2 as well. That would be quite different from the original Galaxy S, which differed quite a bit on each domestic carrier, and probably speaks to a shift in the balance of power between Samsung and the network operators following the success of the first model.

Source: Wireless Xcessories Group

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