An interesting bit of information surfaced yesterday during Verizon’s quarterly earnings call. CEO Hans Vestberg said that “the Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G“. Of course, this shouldn’t come as a shocker, despite rumors last year suggesting that Samsung might ditch the Note line-up, and possibly merge it with the Plus in the S-series.

Vestberg not only confirmed that there will be a Galaxy Note10 this year, but he also said that it will have 5G capabilities. Whether it will be standard on the Note10, or there will be a Galaxy Note10 5G version, like in the case of the Galaxy S10 5G, is yet unknown.

However, earlier this month we’ve heard rumors that Samsung might be preparing four Galaxy Note10 models. Two different screen sizes, and both in 4G and 5G flavors, which could be an overkill, but with the S10 Samsung managed to prove that more models (three this year) doesn’t necessarily mean cannibalizing the other versions.

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