Samsung Galaxy Note10 codename hinted, will it ever happen though?

July was a time filled with negativity, as rumors were all about discontinuing products. First we heard that the Galaxy S10 might be the last Galaxy S from Samsung. Then we heard that the Galaxy Note9 might be the last Galaxy Note to see the light of day. While this may be somewhat credible, with the line between the Note and the larger Galaxy S Plus being so blurry, a recent report drops the codename of the Galaxy Note10.

Turn on skeptical mode! Rumors usually this far out, and this close to a release, are usually inaccurate. This is especially true in the case of the Note, with everything we heard hinting towards the opposite. Still, we’re not judging the credibility of the leakster, just the information itself. “Da Vinci” is the codename, and we’re being told it’s the Galaxy Note10.

There are two possibilities here: either Samsung will discontinue the Galaxy S Plus and replace it with the Note, or this codename refers to another device. There’s no additional information at this moment, so all options are on the table. …including those where Samsung does nothing to shake-up the Galaxy S and Note line-up.

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