Samsung sure loves offering new color options for its Androids long after their releases. The Galaxy S III got a whole bunch of new post-launch options, and just a couple weeks back we were hearing about a new shade for the Galaxy Note II. Well, we don’t have any new info on that black Note II today, but we have heard Samsung announce two different colors for the phablet, introducing “Amber Brown” and “Ruby Wine.”

Red and brown are no strangers to Samsung’s color offerings, but it’s still nice to see them brought to the Note II, as well. They’d be fine enough on their own, but Samsung’s faux brushed-metal finish makes them look that much better.

Both colors are coming to the South Korean market on January 17. So far, there’s no word on them showing up anywhere else, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them come to the US and international versions of the Note II, as well; maybe Samsung will have more to say at the Mobile World Congress next month.

Source: Samsung (Google Translate)
Via: Droid Dog

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