Galaxy Note Edge review: the ultimate expression of Samsung’s smartphone philosophy (Video)

A manufacturer’s “smartphone philosophy” might seem like a lofty concept dreamed up by a reviewer big on thesauri and light on sleep, but it’s actually pretty easy to summarize with a quick story from Barcelona. A couple years ago at MWC, Editor-in-Chief Anton D. Nagy and I found ourselves at a briefing being shown a new Samsung product due for release. When we remarked that a competing product from another manufacturer exhibited more overall polish and cohesiveness, Samsung’s response was quick and blunt:

“Yeah, but ours can do more.”

That’s been the story of the high-end Samsung smartphone for the past few generations: a device that, all other considerations aside, does more than its competitors – and nowhere has that philosophy found greater expression than the Note line. We’ve reviewed every single generation of the world’s first true “phablet”, culminating in this summer’s review of the Galaxy Note 4 – a product we called the world’s best smartphone/tablet hybrid.

New hotness, meet ... the other new hotness.

New hotness, meet … the other new hotness.

But Samsung apparently wasn’t content with that grand slam of a phablet. So the Galaxy Note Edge, now available worldwide in limited quantities at a significantly higher price than its Edge-less sibling, offers up a new question: what happens when you add an extra display and even more multitasking abilities to a device already packed with almost every feature imaginable? And is the end result worth saving up for?

You’ll find the answer in our Galaxy Note Edge review video below! After that, scroll further for our in-depth comparison with the Note 4 and a tutorial video offering a deeper exploration of the Edge Screen. Then give your eyeballs a rest and tune in for a casual exploration of the Note Edge –featuring reader-submitted questions– in episode 126 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, where our Note Edge review unit plays a starring role!

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review (podcast edition) | Pocketnow Weekly


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