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It’s hard to not admire Samsung for its efforts to launch absolutely anything its R&D department has come up with. Some of you may mock efforts like the Galaxy Round, but products like the Galaxy Note lineup have proven to be quite disruptive. That said, you’d think that all the Galaxy Note products have been successful, and as it turns out, that’s actually not the case.

Samsung is sadly not nice enough to share its sales figures with the public, but sources claim that the Galaxy Note Edge has barely sold 630,000 units worldwide since its launch. We won’t blame Samsung though, as we do remember that the company initially only wanted to launch a few of these phones to the market. The problem is when you add the numbers of the Galaxy Note 4, and you learn that even this awesome flagship barely reached 4.5 million units at a time when Apple sold 75 million iPhones during the same period.

It’s easy to argue that Samsung sold the same amount of smartphones during the same period if we add the rest of the devices it builds, but given the fact that this is usually the highest quarter for any Galaxy Note, it’s clear that both these devices are not off to a great start.

Source: DT

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