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Galaxy Note 9 shutter button in protective case actually lanyard holes

By Jules Wang June 15, 2018, 11:05 am

Lanyards. On top of cases and stickers and whatever one can layer onto their phone, it’s just another small way of personalizing something they use every day. And if a customer were to purchase a Galaxy Note 9 this summer, there’s a chance they’ll want a case with it and that they’ll want to stick a piece of string through so they can fling it around a bit.

Chinese tech analyst Ice Universe has posted pictures of a case for the Galaxy Note 9 that was recently leaked out. Some people were speculating what an extra lump on the side was for. Perhaps it was a shutter button — it would be a first in the Note series, after all.

Nope, says Ice Universe. It’s just a couple of holes to thread a lanyard through. Unlike most other case designs that actually carve out a corner hole for some string, the analyst says it’s just going to be little tiny ports near the bottom of the phone.

All that said, Sony remains the staunch supporter of shutter buttons on its phones, even with its forward-leaning designs these days. it’ll be a cold day in hell before manufacturers will want to put more buttons on a phone, not fewer.

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