Latest word on Galaxy Note 9 price not as bad, but still high

The Galaxy Note 9 will bring the first chance for consumers to get a smartphone with 512GB of native storage. That’s what we’ve been hearing about from one of the tech media’s trusted leaks reporters, WinFuture‘s Roland Quandt.

But as smartphone pricing has continued to creep up, the tags on these models were quite scary: £950 for a standard 128GB version with the 512GB version at a scary £1,150 — the prices pretty much match the iPhone X, but give double the storage in both cases. Still, it’s all an unpleasant thought.

Well, Quandt has now followed up on UK pricing speculation for the Note 9 with two tweets.

A £50 pittance may not sound like much, but the outward upgrades from the Note 8 will be limited — a Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, for one. But with sluggish sales from the Galaxy S9, Samsung may have to make calculations to make sure it can pick up any sale it can. Even if it all falls down to going back and forth on price points.

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