Galaxy Note 8 units also going out to all PyeongChang Paralympians

Samsung had given all officials and participants of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics a special Galaxy Note 8 for their use and fancy prior to them happening. They’re over now, but there’s another competition just as important starting from March 9.

The PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics provides a chance for a rare group of athletes to shine and also gives attention to the potential of differently-abled people. It will run from Friday all the way through to March 18.

In some rather fitting marketing, Samsung is using the opportunity to tell people to “Do What You Can’t” in promoting its electronics, but to also give every athlete participating in these games a specially-designed Galaxy Note 8 with the icon for the Paralympic Games emblazoned at back. The “Official App of PyeongChang 2018” is also being updated to suit Paralympians better while Samsung’s technology showcases at the venues are being retrofitted for accessibility.

Other digital experiences being offered are wrapped into a Paralympic Blogger Program to showcase athletes’ colorful stories between events.

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