Galaxy Note 8 Real Camera Review: the best zoom on a phone (Video)

If you’ve been waiting for our Real Camera Review on the Galaxy Note 8 before you decide to get off the fence on lodging a pre-order, well, you’re sure in luck: for the most expensive prominent Android phone this year, you’d expect pretty damn good results when it comes to imaging and the main rear camera delivers.

Mostly because it’s the S8’s main sensor. We’ve reviewed it before, it performed well and we’ve found it on the Note 8. It’s great.

But when working together with this untested zoom lens to its side, what can it really do? Well, let’s say that the Note 8’s experience contrasts with the iPhone 7 Plus. The device is more needy for light when it comes to the slower aperture on the 2x zoom and there’s a couple of slick spots in the software you might slip on. We still think, though, that you’re getting the best proximity for your dollar here.

Juan Carlos Bagnell has our Real Camera Review of the Galaxy Note 8. And be sure to check out Jaime Rivera’s first part of his full review!

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