Galaxy Note 8 has best US pre-order tally in series history

If Apple has anything to worry about when it comes to launching a $1,000 iPhone this year, — the tea leaves say it will be — it probably won’t be that consumers will be turned off by its price. A good piece of evidence has come out of Samsung today.

The company announced that the Galaxy Note 8 has locked in the most pre-orders in the United States in the Note series. The phone’s commonly seen at around $930. It took only two weeks for that to happen and there’s still officially one week to go in the period. It’s also not like other Notes got short shrift as all the other devices got about the same three weeks.

In its native Korea, Samsung recorded 395,000 tabs for the Note 8 in its first day of pre-orders — the figure beats the 380,000 for the Galaxy Note 7 during the entire 13-day lead-up to sales.

Samsung is promoting free expedited shipping for new Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders “right now” with delivery on or before September 14. Given that carriers are already on the ball with shipments, the party has only just begun.

Speaking of carriers, we have to wonder which carriers are feeding the most into this boast? Is it AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, which are able to offer zero down payment and full-price financing? Or is it T-Mobile, which has a maximum credit line of $720 and charges $210 down for its best-credit customers?

We’d like to learn one way or another.

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