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Could a Galaxy Note 8 dual-boot Android and Windows simultaneously?

By Jules Wang September 6, 2016, 1:28 pm

Samsung has a vision of a smartphone that primarily runs Android, but can also run Windows 10 Mobile if it wanted to. Yep, no longer just restrained to a tablet that never got released, the chaebol went to Korean patent agency Kipris to have its regulators look over such a phone.

A lot of the drawings you see above have to do with the interface of switching between the two operating systems. Again, Samsung puts the burden of host OS with Android and would allow users to swipe into full-screen usage of a Windows 10 interface or press an “app” from their home screen to get there. Hey, there’s even an S Pen pictured (hence, our hopes for the Note 8) to help make it happen. The point is, there are plenty of places where the switch can happen. Users can also trigger a split screen usage mode — Android in one pane, Windows in another. The pane sizes are adjustable.


Windows 10 would run on a virtual kernel and driven by the main drivers and components of a theoretical device. Some of the host management software controlling the Windows experience would adjust how many CPU cores would be dedicated to Windows, how much GPU involvement would go into it and how much RAM would be allotted. Other phantom aspects like loading disc images, directory sorting and sharing between the Android and Windows sides and USB device emulation are also controllable.

The rudimentary looks of a patent application may not be sexy, but to many power users, the concept is. Whether this idea ends up in the grave or shining on us, let’s just hope that the battery on this dream phone don’t conk out.

Source: Kipris
Via: MSPoweruser

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