Galaxy Note 8 codename supposedly “Baikal”

Apparently, according to what appears to be an unproven channel, people are going to be calling the embryonic Galaxy Note 8 of Samsung’s making, “Baikal.”

A photo being proliferated around social media and promoted by popular Weibo tech commentator Ice Universe (on Twitter, hilariously) shows off an icy landscape with an allusion to the Galaxy Note 8’s codename being “Baikal,” the name of the Siberian lake holding more freshwater than any other in the world.

Searches for the “Galaxylicious” account on Instagram touted in the image turn up a private channel with only one post. We’re trying to follow the account to see if we’ll get more materials.

Lake Baikal is regarded to be a very clear and blue body of water. Make all the analogies you want to the Note 8.

In the meantime, just because the media gives something a nickname doesn’t mean that it’ll end up being an accurate one. In fact, you should be more inclined to track its apparent internal codename: SM-N950. But we’re likely to stick with “Baikal” for the time being.

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