Samsung run a very fine line between being perceived as a reckless manufacturer for being in a rush to get its Galaxy Note 8 to market and needing to shore up Galaxy S8 series sales that came up short. Rush it will, anyhow, as the dates began narrowing down for late August before we found other intrigues to occupy us. But one thing seems to have been found out: Samsung will launch the Note 8 on August 23.

It’s not an official announcement, but rather the conclusion of reporting from The BellThe Korea Herald was able to confirm from a company executive that a New York event would come in August, but they would not point out a specific date. We’re pretty confident, though, that the chaebol will bypass the craze that will be pre-IFA. The company is said to be commencing global sales in September.

The chaebol may feel the need to wick as many Note 8 sales as possible between then and October or November, the timeframe where analysts expect the iPhone 8 to launch. No word as to how potential feature delays and exorbitant pricing on that device or possible unforced errors a la Note 7 safety issues on Samsung’s part have played into this calculus.

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