Galaxy Note 7R picked up in China on Taobao

Samsung’s about to release a refurbished version of its Galaxy Note 7 with a smaller battery as not to follow the same design decision that caused cells to explode and a recall or two to be issued. The strategy is to start selling these devices around this time.

But even with a second-tier device, the rumor mill still spins. For one, MyDrivers claims through a retail source that Europe, the US and the Asia Pacific regions could actually see the device for sale with a smaller 3,200mAh battery. Curiously, there’s also a version with a 3,500mAh battery — the same capacity featured on the original Note 7, but in a smaller form factor that is supposedly less prone to breaching design tolerances.

For the record, there are no public US plans for this device and an outright denial of availability to Indian markets.

Users will be able to point out a big “R” silkscreened on the bottom of the device’s rear side. How do we know this? Some small retailer in Guangdong on Chinese e-market Taobao is selling some of them for between ¥3,599 ($522) and ¥3,999 ($580).


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