Galaxy Note 7 users can now get big S7 discounts if they promise to upgrade next year

For all intents and purposes, Samsung still has no idea what caused that unprecedented avalanche of Galaxy Note 7 explosions. But sooner or later, the show must go on, the Galaxy S8 will be cleared for takeoff, and eventually, a Note 8 as well.

No, the S Pen-wielding phablet family isn’t dead yet, and its controversy-marred Korean architects are counting on the trust, love and thirst for discounts of their fans to keep it afloat. Worst case scenario, at least the S series gets a healthy popularity boost from the chaebol’s newest customer retention ploy.

Forget $100 or so freebies for exchanging the Note 7 with an S7 or S7 Edge, as 50 percent markdowns are now in store if you enroll into an early upgrade program. Namely, you’ll receive 50 percent off the Galaxy S7 for your commitment to jump up to either the S8 or Note 8 next year, at which point we presume a price difference will be due.

It’s unclear what happens if you change your mind in the meantime, or the “next big things” don’t shape up as you envision, but at the moment, this sounds like a win-win scenario. Samsung secures its fan base, GS7 admirers get a good deal, everyone’s happy. Unfortunately, the upgrade scheme is a South Korean exclusive, and its availability “in other markets will be dependent on the situation in each country.”

Source: Reuters

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