While it’s truly impossible to predict what sort of a long-term impact the Galaxy Note 7 double recall will have on Samsung’s financials, brand recognition and especially customer trust, it’s looking increasingly likely only a small percentage of users are seeking immediate migration.

Certainly, Apple will not gain a grand total of 7 million iPhone 7 adopters from early and prospective Note 7 buyers if “most” people exchanging the explosive phablet “are basically switching to a Galaxy S7.”

Those are the words of Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, who also claims many of the Now Network’s subscribers urged to return the unsafe Android phone “begrudgingly gave back their Note 7”, as they grew too fond of it in the short time they could experience its numerous strengths and one deal-breaking flaw.

Claure underlined his belief that “Samsung will recover”, and although T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert suggested a “number of different dynamics are happening” on the UnCarrier, as “you are talking about a lot of customers”, he ultimately and essentially echoed the rival’s main “dynamic” conclusion, voicing Magenta’s delight “a lot of them” (original Note 7 owners) “are staying with the Galaxy family.” And they said there was no such thing as Samsung brand devotion.

Source: Recode

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