More Galaxy Note 7 US exchange issues come to light, Chinese fire debunked

There’s both bad and good news to report on the global Galaxy Note 7 recall front, as Samsung continues to make it difficult for some of the hazardous phablet’s owners to return and quickly exchange it with a safe-to-use copy.

On the bright side, those who recently purchased the dual-curved S Pen 5.7-incher in China, receiving repeated assurances their devices pack batteries from a different, tried and true supplier, shouldn’t begin to worry all of a sudden.

That’s because the world’s shortest investigation into the circumstances of a fire purportedly started on Sunday showed “the damage to this product”, sold and used in China after September 1, “was caused by external heating.”

Neither Samsung, nor cell manufacturer Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) didn’t care to go into very much detail here, but apparently, “according to the burn marks on the sample”, it can be surmised that “the source of the heating comes from outside the battery, and it’s very likely that there was an external factor causing the heating problem.” Translation – negligence or foul play.

Back to the fresh bad news, some US-based Galaxy Note 7 patrons looking to stay safe while not abandoning Samsung in its time of need are having trouble. We’re specifically talking about shoppers, which can’t persuade FedEx and UPS couriers to transport their volatile gadgets back to the OEM’s local HQ.

A proper exchange program for this particular retail channel is reportedly only now being set up. Just the latest in a long line of confusing recall plays and overall strategic errors.

Sources: Reuters, PhoneArena

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