Samsung brings Galaxy Note 7 exchange gifts to the US, and Amazon refunds accessories

After so much pain, sorrow, unnecessary replacement hassle, and explosion risks repeatedly taken by Samsung devotees that gave the Galaxy Note 7 a second chance to blow up in their faces, we finally have some good news to report.

It’s nothing big, so don’t get your hopes up, but if you’re willing to give the world’s largest smartphone vendor a third chance by exchanging your fiery Note 7 for a previous member of the Galaxy family (preferably, the S7 or S7 Edge), there’s “up to a $100 total bill credit” waiting to be redeemed “from select carrier or retail outlets” stateside.

A similar deal was inaugurated in Korea earlier today, and of course, the free $100 is separate from “incentive credits already received.” Meanwhile, those looking for a simple refund, which they can then use on a Moto Z, iPhone 7, HTC 10, LG V20, Google Pixel or any other device not manufactured by Samsung will still receive a small “token of appreciation and acknowledgement of their inconvenience” in the form of “up to” $25 bill credit.

In marginally related positive news, it seems that unfortunate early Amazon buyers of Galaxy Note 7 accessories no longer covered by traditional return windows could get wireless charging docks, cases and whatnot fully refunded too… if they ask the e-tailer nicely for their money back. Possibly not in all instances, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Sources: Samsung Newsroom, Reddit

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