This Galaxy Note 7 S Pen issue is all about the QA or lack thereof

The guy who decided to see if the Sony Xperia X was waterproof (spoiler: meh, nothing conclusive) has found out that the quality assurance on that Galaxy Note 7 ain’t so pretty. I mean, ask all those people with the burnt hands and shirts, right?

Zaryab Khan, aka xeetechcare, is one of several bloggers that have posted videos showing that the S Pen can get stuck in its port when inserted the correct way in and not like that Note 5 nonsense where you stuck it in backwards and broke everything useful on the device.

Khan encountered an S Pen with a defective springload mechanism, the one that allows the stylus to be kept flush with the edge of the device while also letting users pull it out as needed. The work around? An impact from a light drop to get the spring unstuck. We don’t know how many times each S Pen is tested for their “clickiness,” but it seems odd that this one and a few others got done in early.

An anonymous industry source to GSMArena is saying that Samsung is addressing the issue by either replacing S Pens for free or taking in customers’ Note 7 devices, getting the S Pen as needed and then shipping back the device with a new S Pen. We are working with our PR contact to confirm or deny that claim and will update this piece if we hear back.

Via: PhoneArena

Here’s another video from mediaiadioro:

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