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Galaxy Note 7 refurb gets a codename, model number

By Jules Wang March 6, 2017, 10:43 pm
Galaxy Note 7 explosion

Words alone cannot describe a phone. But they sorta have to. You know, because there are names and packaging and other marketing things that need to get done.

Problem is, does it matter to us what a codename is if we don’t hear of it in public? Well, if you follow rumors and leaks like we do, it does.

One random little Instagram account claimed that the Galaxy Note 8 would be called “Baikal” within headquarters. SamMobile has now claimed that the Note 8 won’t be named after a great Russian freshwater lake, but will just be named “Great.” As in, “Make the Note Great Again” — it may be that the Note 7 recall continues to tug at Samsung’s conscience.

Speaking of the Note 7, refurbished units with smaller batteries are supposedly in development under the codename “Grace R,” where “Grace” was the codename for the original device and “R” standing for “refurbished”.

The Note 7 refurb will have a model number of SM-N935 while the Note 8 will get SM-N950, thus avoiding the unlucky number of four — the word being a homophone for “death” in most Asian languages.

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