Blass: Galaxy Note 7, LG V20 sales activities of some sort starting October 21

In discussing when Samsung will restart Galaxy Note 7 sales in the US, it seems that Evan Blass of VentureBeat has also related the event to the start of some sort of sales activity for the LG V20. It was disappointing to hear word that the V20 would probably be shipping out after Google’s Pixel phones have had a chance to, but Blass seems to have affirmed this rumor with two tweets.

First off, we’re learning of a long lead-in period to new sales of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the US. Even though customers have apparently started exchanging their battery-defective phones or their exchanged interim devices for new and safe units, it’ll take until October 21 for new customers to get on-board.  CNNMoney reported that the chaebol has plans to start Note 7 sales again in Korea on September 28.

All new units are said to be packing batteries from China’s Amperex Technology, not Samsung SDI. Samsung UK disclosed that some batteries had short anode-to-cathode distances, components responsible for a battery’s charge and discharge of electrons, causing cells to immolate, burning users and other property. Bloomberg reports that the issue may have been a construction tolerance oversight that passed through quality assurance in the rush to suppress iPhone sales. A voluntary recall issued by the chaebol took effect on September 2, while government-enforced actions followed.

The company has insisted that the issue has only affected 0.1 percent of the batch of older Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and that it would not blame one parts source over another. At least one person has sued Samsung over an explosion.

October 21 is also the date, Evan Blass tweeted, that the LG V20 will start pre-sales or sales activities. Rumors say it’s a day after when the Google Pixel phones are starting pre-orders.

It’s a backlog that’s definitely worth a good discussion or thirteen. Add the HTC Bolt to the mix and wake us up when September ends.

Source: VentureBeat

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