Galaxy Note 7 FE release date back up to July 7 in Korea

We’re getting a more specific, if more doubtful picture about how the Galaxy Note 7 “Fandom Edition” or FE will be distributed in Korea, thanks to The Wall Street Journal and its sources “familiar with the matter.”

Previous chatter has built up the release of this refurbished series of smartphone brought out of a major recall as one that would be delayed due to stocking issues — apparently, Samsung initially targeted the launch of the Note 7 FE for July 7 on Korea’s three largest carriers, but wouldn’t have had the 300,000 to 450,000 units it would need, and would settle for late in the month.

Well, new speculation has put the release date back at July 7 and the inventory situation at a ceiling of 400,000 units — that’s how many the company is willing to produce. Cost-wise, the figure remains constant from before at around ₩700,000 or around $615.

These Note 7 phones feature smaller batteries compared to the ones that were inside the original series of devices back in August last year. Those cells were prone to exploding due to a number of causes including the phone’s lack of tolerances in its packed design.

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