Samsung was always preoccupied by mobile security, and smartphones like those in the Galaxy Note and S-lineups have all offered mobile security tools, such as Knox. We are all preparing to welcome the Galaxy Note 5 to this world, allegedly on August 12 or 13, depending on which rumors your tend to believe, and, according to this report from South Korea, the Galaxy Note 5 will further enhance mobile security.

Oberthur Technologies (a French mobile security solutions firm) chief executive Didier Lamouche told the Korea Herald that “in the Note 5, our security elements will be directly linked to the (handset’s) application processor, which was not the case before, and that will enable faster communication between the embedded security elements and the processor”. He also hinted that the new mobile security suit that will ship with the Galaxy Note 5 (probably a newer version of Samsung Knox) will offer a faster and more secure environment and solution for its users.

Not only that, but the Galaxy Note 5 fingerprint scanner will also get a security enhancement. You can read more, including some future security enhancement in upcoming wearables, at the source link below.

Oberthur Technologies chief executive Didier Lamouche

Source: Korea Herald

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