Some Galaxy Note 5 units have microSD expansion (FALSE)

Update: After updated coverage from ePrice, we are now able to dispel claims that dual-SIM models of the Galaxy Note 5 have microSD expansion. They do not. Check out source link 2. The original story is below.

So, does this mean that we throw out all the editorials that we’ve just written? Does it mean that everyone can stop complaining? Does it mean that Samsung has listened to the thronging internet masses like it says it has? Only if you live in a territory where you can pull up a dual-SIM Galaxy Note 5.

And since we know that most of Europe is not going to see the Note 5 anyhow (or maybe they are?) and that North American carriers have been adamant about customer exclusivity (not switching SIMs willy nilly), it seems as though Asia and Latin America are the most likely markets to have microSD expansion available on the Note 5.

Furthermore, for the people who are considering using up both SIM slots, it offers up a greater dilemma and/or hassle between switching data and call providers and tacking on more storage for your Note. The hybrid micro-SIM/microSD slot has become quite common in many dual-SIM devices.

Fortunately for Note owners in these areas, there is an above-average storage floor of 32GB, compared with 16GB or even the bare minimum 4GB on cheaper phones.

Source: ePrice 1 , 2 (Google Translate)
Via: AndroidSpin

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