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Galaxy Note 5 microSD card slot might be present on dual SIM variants

By Anton D. Nagy August 8, 2015, 1:34 am
Galaxy Note 5

We’re not even sure when all the rumors began, concerning the presence of (or lack of) a microSD card slot on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, to be unveiled next week on August 13, together with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and maybe a tablet. While we have seen or heard no evidence concerning this matter, those who claim there will be no memory expansion seem to base their speculation on the fact that the Galaxy S6 (and Edge) don’t have one either, and Samsung will likely follow its design, build and materials policy from earlier this year, applying it to the Note 5 too.

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, a report from Taiwan tries to shed some light on the Galaxy Note 5 microSD card topic; the report claims that certain models, dual SIM ones, to be specific, will have memory expansion capabilities, with the secondary SIM slot doubling as a microSD card slot. This is not something unseen, as many other OEMs follow the same path, but it wouldn’t make too much sense for Samsung to fragment a flagship device like the Note 5 in such a manner.


What do you think about all this Galaxy Note 5 microSD card saga? Do you think it will have expandable memory (or should), or not?

Source: Sogi
Via: Phandroid


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