Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 (Video)

Every six months, Samsung drops another contender into the bloody phablet-vs-flagship slugfest. This contest is one of Samsung’s own making, a result of alternating annual Galaxy S installments with annual Galaxy Note upgrades in the spring and fall of each year. With each new chapter, two things are guaranteed: there will be much indecision among buyers as to which is the better buy, and much confusion in the comments about which comparisons are and aren’t worth doing.

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For the former group –the cash-flush consumers biting their nails and wondering which of these high-end superphones to buy– we’ve put together our latest comparison. Check out “Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5” embedded below for a rundown of all the differences we consider significant between Samsung’s newest phablet and the flagship that beat it to market. Then hit up our Galaxy Note 4 review, also embedded below, if you haven’t already – and if video’s not your thing, check out our full text reviews of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 so you get the full picture before you buy!

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5

Galaxy Note 4 Review Video

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