Every six months, Samsung drops another contender into the bloody phablet-vs-flagship slugfest. This contest is one of Samsung’s own making, a result of alternating annual Galaxy S installments with annual Galaxy Note upgrades in the spring and fall of each year. With each new chapter, two things are guaranteed: there will be much indecision among buyers as to which is the better buy, and much confusion in the comments about which comparisons are and aren’t worth doing.

comparison comment

For the former group –the cash-flush consumers biting their nails and wondering which of these high-end superphones to buy– we’ve put together our latest comparison. Check out “Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5” embedded below for a rundown of all the differences we consider significant between Samsung’s newest phablet and the flagship that beat it to market. Then hit up our Galaxy Note 4 review, also embedded below, if you haven’t already – and if video’s not your thing, check out our full text reviews of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 so you get the full picture before you buy!

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5

Galaxy Note 4 Review Video

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