Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is here, ready for you to go out and purchase. Well, that’s true for certain smartphone shoppers, at least, if you happen to be living in the right nations. Last week we saw Samsung get an early start to Note 4 sales in Asia, bringing the phablet to South Korean carriers in advance of initial October release plans. That means that most of us are still waiting for the phone, but just how much longer do we have to go? This week, Samsung released the handy chart you see up top, breaking down Note 4 availability on a global scale.

Admittedly, this isn’t the best presentation of this data we could hope for: a couple of those colors are way too similar, and many of those points are grouped far too closely together for us to make much sense about which nations they represent. Others are confusingly grouped, like how Canada and the US seem to share the same dot (or even more oddly, that the US is being ignored altogether).

But for all its flaws, this is still a convenient info-at-a-glance way to look at Samsung’s international plans for the phablet. Are you planning to pick this guy up as soon as it becomes available in your neck of the woods? Maybe holding out for the eventual arrival of the Note Edge? Or do new options from other players like the iPhone 6 Plus have you expanding your phablet considerations beyond just Samsung’s models?

Source: Samsung (Facebook)
Via: Android Central

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